About sotai session-Here you'll find about sotai session.


We've provided support for the both body and mind's various and complex systems, and have been well-versed in SOTAI SESSSION for a variety of conditions, such as:

・Relief of any chronic pains and aches
・Restoration of organ function
・Greater flexibility and freedom of movement
・Release of physical and emotional imbalances
・Easier breathing
・Relaxation and health maintenance
  • ①Medical interview

    I'll ask you some questions about your condition first.

  • ②Examinations

    We'll clearly show you how much your body is unbalanced with vrious examinations.


  • ③SOTAI SESSION(Treatment)

    We'll choose treatment up to your condition and repeat examination after treatment in short time. Therefore,you can get to feel how much your body is changed each time. 

  • ④Guide you about self-care for gaining your health back

    We'll guide you how to do self-care for your symptoms.It's gonna be helpful for your prognosis. 


    ・How long time does it take?

    It depends on your condition. Therefore,it's not decided. 
    I usually tell that the first visitor takes from 45min to 60,follow-up visitor takes about 30min as reference.

    ・How about clothes?

    You can receive the treatment remain clothes.


Please be courteous and provide a 24-hour notice of cancellation. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment at this time. Patients who cancel with less than a 24-hour notice may incur treatment charge.

【Late arrivals】
We aim to have a smooth-running clinic for our patients! Please be on time, if not early, for your appointment. If you might be late, please call us to determine if you will be able to be seen. If you show up too late to be seen, then you may be rescheduled and charged.

We accept Japanese yen cash.


SOTAI Therapy Center Akatoki-An

SOTAI Therapy Center Akatoki-An 
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