Client FAQ of Sotai therapy center Akatoki-an- Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions and details about our treatment, solutions and processes.

About treatment

About treatment

How long does the treatment take?
It depends on your condition. Therefore,it's not decided. I usually tell that the first visitor takes from 45min to 60,follow-up visitor takes about 30min as reference.
How about clothes?
You can receive the treatment remain clothes.
How many treatments will I need?
While it is fairly to feel relieg immediately or after a few treatments,patients with chronic or long-standing health problems require more visits to achieve lasting change.
How often do I have to come?

It depends on your condition.For severe,chronic conditions,scheduling several treatments close together is often more effective.As the conditon improoves,treatments are needed less frequently.After seeing how your condition responds to the initial treatment,we can figure out roughly how many visits you will need.

Is your treatment safe?
My treatment is called SOTAI or SOTAI HO which is famous for gentle treatment. We use the technique on gentle touching and motion.

And I'm licenced Anma,Massage,Shiatsu therapist.When practiced by a licensed, trained therapist is extremely safe. In Japan,
Anma,Massage,Shiatsu therapists are licensed by Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare after passing an examination and graduating from an accreditied technical school or college.

About Akatoki-an

About Akatoki-an

Can I have your treatment in after-hours?

If you'd like to have the treatment after-hours,please ask us. I'll deal with it as possible as we can.Please ask us.

Do you make house calls?

House calls are available to places that are within 15 minutes of the clinic by bike.Then,you need to pay extra fee of 1,000 yen with usual fee.


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