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Welcome to the website for Sotai therapy center,Akatoki-An, located in Higashiyama Kyoto Japan. Sotai therapy has its original Japanese method,which is a holistic,effective,and gentle hands-on therapy.

Sotai therapy can help relieve your chronic aches and pains.

Sotai therapy was founded by a Japanese medical doctor Keizo Hashimoto (1897-1993). He developed his system from traditional oriental medicine in concert with his knowledge of modern medicine.

We offer Sotai therapy that helps you feel better,gain more energy,look better, and think more clearly. It is not necessarily painful and may bring dramatic results.

Sotai therapy is effective for...

・Acute or chronic back pain,neck/shoulder pain and stiffness,frozen shoulders, sciatica,arthritis,neuralgia,general joint pain/stiffness/numbness


・Back pain during pregnancy

・Physical and emotional imbalances

・Restore organ function

・Increased flexibility

・Sports injyury,post injury rehabilitation

・Relaxation and health maintenance

・Preventive medicine

Patient Testimonials

I've ever had sotai session for more than 20 countries's patients. Please make sure of the following testimonials as your reference.


Improvement cases of lower back pain, foot pain, stiff shoulder and stiff neck

Tatiana from Colombia and Jia from USA

My lower back pain really went away.Back pain is immediately relief!

Jason Ramsay California Amerieca Aikido Instructor/Sales (Chief Complaint : Lower back pain )

Chronic headache,neck pain,upper back pain relief!

Jikke van Loon  :Holland: Artist (Chief Complaint :Chronic headache,neck pain,upper back pain)

Better my energy circulation!

Ria Flores :Philippine :Practitioner in Acupuncture (Chief Complaint : Neck and Shoulder,Lower back pain )

My upper shoulder pain and back Pain got better!

Marco Superbi:Torino Italy:Practitioner in Acupuncuture and Moxibustion (Chief Complaint : Upper shoulder pain and back Pain )

Back pain almost desappeared!

Marcel de Montgolfier :Paris France /:Economist (Chief Complaint : back pain)

Feel relax and my body get better!

Federica Vaio: Italy: Beauty therapist and naturopathy therapist (Chief Complaint:Neck pain,arm pain,shoulder pain)

My workshop's testimonial for self care

Feel more balance in my body now!

Feel more balance in my body now!
【English testimonial】
Very good experience of sotai with Hiro Komatsu! I receive a good treatment and i feel more balance in my body now. it was the first time for me, a new and interesting experience !

【French testimonial】
Aujourd'hui un très bon traitement en sotai avec Hiro Komatsu un spécialiste ici a Kyoto forme par le docteur keiso hashimoto créateur de la methode. Un rééquilibrage des tensions musculaires qui agit sur l'ensemble du corps et sur l'énergie des organes aussi.j'ai apprécié cette pratique douce et subtile et jai bien senti les tensions lâcher. MERCI Hiro!

Isabelle Rebours Pro
Shiatsu therapist
Briancon France

Recommended for stress and back pain relief

Recommended for stress and back pain relief
Highly recommended for stress and pain free back therapy. Application of convenient exercises. Also fluent in English and provides good explanation on each exercise application.

James Willie
Port Vila Vanuatsu 

Amazing how the simple sotai movements and techniques!

 Amazing how the simple sotai movements and techniques!
Thank you, Hiro, for a very relaxing and interesting sotai session. It is amazing how the simple sotai movements and techniques can bring the body into balance. For me as a Shiatsu therapist it was also very interesting to get to know another Japanese bodywork and to talk with Hiro about the different techniques of oriental medicine he combines in his work. If i am travelling to Japan again sometime I will definitely come back to take a session with him.

Nik Las 
Shiatsu therapist
Berlin, Germany

It's hard to believe how this technique works!

It's hard to believe how this technique works!
I've heard about Sotai from my shiatsu teacher last year when I was in Tokyo. I found it very interesting and started to search about it. I've got in touch with Hiro-san, thanks to google and his website with English explanations.

After a few months later I had a chance to come to Japan again, this time I arranged a trip to Kyoto and met Hiro-san in his center.

Our Sotai session was very effective. It's hard to believe how this technique little effort but the result is quite big. Also very relaxing and pain relief method. I want to learn more about Sotai and use this wonderful method in my sessions in the future.

Figen Demir Therapist:Copywriter
Turkey Istanbul

Good and unusual therapy!

Good and unusual therapy!
This was very good and very unusual therapy. It's all about balance and very soft and to the point. You have to feel, also you are part of the therapy. Afterwards you feel relax and balanced. Very good Japanese therapy.

Michele: Pacific Islands

Very good experiene feeling the Japanese therapy.

Very good experiene feeling the Japanese therapy.
I tried Hiro's therapy. Because I have a bad back pain.The therapy was amazing!! It was a very good experiene feeling the Japanese therapy. When I come to Japan again,I will visit here again in Kyoto and have the wonderful experience.

Abdulah Almohaini :Saudi Arabia

The instant results of this therapy!

The instant results of this therapy!
The instant results of this therapy. Simple ,surprised me sooo much!! Not only the techniques but the feeling of the touch.Because you can really feel deep conection and relaxation.Very calm environment.

Paula Rosado Arriaga :Shiatsu therapist
Malaga Spain

I wish you were in California!

I wish you were in California!
It was amazing how simple guided movements can make such a different.I wish you were in California. Back feels much better.

Jessica Miller: Reiki Master Teacher
California America

Clinic Information

■ Session fee: 
First visit fee 11,000yen
Follow-up visits fee 10,000

■ Bussiness hour: 9:30~17:30

■ Closing day: Thursday

■By appointment only

Adress: 86-8 Rokuro-cho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu,Japan


Sotai therapy center Akatoki-An

86-8 Rokuro-cho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu,Japan
Keihan-Line Kiyomizu-Gojo station is about 9 minutes walk from Akatoki-An.
Keihan-Line Gion-Shijo station is about 12 minutes walk from Akatoki-An.
Hankyu Line Shijo-Kawaramachi station is about 15 minutes walk from Akatoki-An
Bus You could take bus #206 or Raku-bus #100 from JR Kyoto station ( get off at Kiyomizu-michi bus stop) and it takes about 15~20 min and 220 JPY. 
Taxi It takes 10 minutes by taxi from JR Kyoto station to Akatoki-An.

*You can park your bike front of our center.Please ask us when you come to here.