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What is Sotai?

Japanese Medical doctor,Keizo Hashimoto(1897-1993), founded Sotai.

He developed his system from oriental medicine (Acupuncture,moxibustion,Shiatsu,bone setting,Seitai Jutsu,Yoga,Macrobiotic ,etc) in concert with his knowledge of modern medicine.

He realized the relationship between disease and musuculoskeletal distortions/ imbalances while researching the techniques of oriental medicine exparts.

Then He understood that "feel good movements" improve human body's self-healing power and enable human body to regain the natural integrity of its form without pain or undue strain.

The law of the reciprocal effect (Sotai holistic ideas)

The law of the reciprocal effect (Sotai holistic ideas)
Dr.Keizo Hashimoto said that there are five factors which contribute to the body's inside balance.

・Respiration (breathing)
・Diet (eating and drinking)
・Physical activity
・Mental activity

All these functions without exception have to be performed as the persinal responsibility of each individual.
Even if just one of these processes goes against natural laws,the body will lose its functional balance and tip toward unhealthy condition.

However,we cannot achieve perfect balance,which is there is much stress in our lives. Fortunately,we can live healthily and comfortably as long as we achieve 60 percent of these system balance rules. We help you to relieve stress and regain your health.

Dr.Keizo Hashimoto's words of wisdom


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