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【Japanese bath culture】Traditional Japanese Bath “Kamaburo” in Yase Kyoto

【Japanese bath culture】Traditional Japanese Bath “Kamaburo” in Yase Kyoto
Traditional Japanese Bath “Kamaburo”
Many Japanese people love to take a bath. So there are many kinds of bath in Japan. For example, Sand bath, Herbal bath, Onsen hot spring, so on.
I tried to take a “Kamaburo” bath after seeing autumn leaves in Sanzen-in Ohara Kyoto this Thursday. Kamaburo has a history of over 1300years. It was used not only relax but also recuperation for old emperor and aristocracy a very long time ago. 
Let me introduce you how to take a Kamaburo as follow.
01:At the first, we take a normal Japanese bath
02:Take a Kamaburo with ceramic pillow
03: Repeat step01 and step 02

Kamaburo is like a Japanese sauna bath. But it’s gentle sauna because of 48〜49 degrees. I could have so valuable experience and refresh my mind and body there. Then after, I drunk red perilla juice. That was so good!

Here short movie of Kamaburo is


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