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Canadian student's testimonial about my Sotai personal lesson. Jacques Beaudet

Canadian student's testimonial about my Sotai personal lesson. Jacques Beaudet
Canadian Shiatsu therapist came to my SOTAI center!
He is my new student “Jacques Beaudet” who came from Montreal Quebec Canada to my center for studying SOTAI in October 8th 2018. He was not sure that he went to SOTAI SUMMIT2 or my center. And he finally decided to go to my center in Kyoto. 
He is excellent student. So my lesson has been advanced smoothly! Additionally,my patients allowed him to have a look at my treatment. Jacques was so pleased to observe my real work. 
He finished my SOTAI lesson in Oct 19th 2018. My SOTAI teacher "Maruzuimi" who helped our final lesson and ate dinner together. It was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for traveling all this way to see me from Quebec!
He sent me his feedback of my Sotai lesson Nov 8th. I'm so happy to read it as follow!
Hiroaki is a very dedicated, passionate and generous teacher. He shared with me a lot of resources about sotai. He introduced me to his teacher Maruzumi sensei, which was on the last day of my training, a very rich experience. All the previous lessons became more understandable and integrated. I was very lucky.

Thank you Hiroaki, it was a gift to study with you and the dedication of your KI in the way of sotai will continue to manifest, for you and all your student, a very abundant and luminous future.

Montreal,Quebec,Canada / Practitioner in Shiatsu
Jacques Beaudet
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