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Onkodo’s Story 〜 Back to the roots of SOTAI 〜

Onkodo’s Story 〜 Back to the roots of SOTAI 〜

We held SOTAI event at Sendai Japan in August 26th 2018. I participated this event as organizer and presenter. This event was covered fundamentals of Dr. Keizo Hashimoto by Akihiro Kon and Kazuo Maruzumi who are Dr. Keizo Hashimoto’s students.They showed us Dr.Keizo Hashimoto’s words of wisdom and his medical techniques.And the original sotai is gonna hand down to the next generation. Everyone involved with this event felt very happy and experienced the Dr. Keizo Hashimoto's days.

Visit to Dr. Keizo Hashimoto’s Grave
We visited to Dr. Keizo Hashimoto’s grave day after I did Sotai seminar in Sendai. I had always wanted to go there.And my wish came true such a great timing! 
Historic site of Dr. Keizo Hashimoto's clinic "Onkodo" and current one
We went to both former Onkodo and current one after visiting to Dr. Keizo Hashimoto’s grave. Dr. Hashimoto’s student “Maruzumi “ guided us how former Onkodo was. Then after, we visited to current Onkodo nearby former one. 
To my surprise, we could meet Chiharu Hashimoto here. She is wife of Hashimoto’s grandchild and chairwoman of current Onkodo. I wanted to meet her. Because she teach SOTAI with Kitada in Europe.  I could talk with her not only here but also telephone when I was back to Kyoto. I’m so glad to make good relationship with her.


Dr. Keizo Hashimoto used to love drinking this green tea “ Mecha 芽茶”. We could look for it when we walked around Sendai city. It tastes good and give me Hashimoto’s feeling.

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